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Professional installation of standby power batteries and equipment including UPS and telecoms rectifier/distribution cabinets.  Multi skilled teams including fully qualified 17th edition electricians ensure all work is compliant with BS7671.

Full installation of AC and DC cabling for telecommunications and computer backup (UPS)

Detailed inspection and maintenance of all types of standby power batteries on UPS, telecommunications, switch tripping & closing, emergency lighting, engine starting and other applications.  All work is carried out to BS 6133 ‘Safe Operation of Lead Acid Stationary Batteries’.

Charging facility with a voltage range of 12V to 600V, to enable a refreshing charge of stored new batteries before going into service.

Discharge testing of batteries from 24V to 500V using our comprehensive range of DC resistive load banks or hiring specific frames as necessary.  Impedance testing batteries including detailed analysis of the results.

Safe recovery and offsite disposal of old batteries/control equipment in full accordance with all Special Waste Legislation and COSHH Regulations.

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Customer Sectors

Major Power Generating Companies

Battery Manufacturers

Rectifier Manufacturers

UPS Manufacturers

Telecoms and Cable TV providers

Local Authorities

Hospitals and Universities

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